About Emo-Demo

About Emo-Demo

Emo-demo (emotion-demonstration) is an interactive education session using games that inspire the mother or caregiver to improve the behavior of the Infant and Young Children Feeding (IYCF) in accordance with the stages of child development.

The IYCF Emo-Demo Module, as a result of the collaboration between The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia – GAIN, was developed and tested through a series of studies. It was developed based on the Behavior Center Design (BCD) theory, a  behavior change theory developed by the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The theory has been used in various countries through innovative, imaginative, and provocative behavioural change interventions by utilizing emotional impulses such as fear, disgust, affection, or comfort.

There are 5 key behaviours that will be improved through Emo-Demo:


Nutrient-rich diets for expectant mothers: Eat 1 portion of “strengthening foods”, or liver (ati) eggs (telur) and fish (ikan) – ATIKA everyday.


Exclusive breastfeeding: Don’t give formula – breastfeeding alone is sufficient.


Complementary feeding: Feed your child a more diverse (colourful) plate and less (white) rice.


Healthy snacks: Give your child only healthy snacks and not close to mealtime.


Washing hands with soap (especially during crucial moments when taking care of children).

Introduction to Emo-Demo

Examples of Emo-Demo Implementation at Posyandu

Television Commercial Ads on the Emo-Demo Key Messages

The Videos of the Most Significant Change (MSC) Stories Related to Emo-Demo

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Academic References on the Behavior Change Theory

The Evo-Eco Approach to Behaviour Change

A Guide to Behaviour Centred Design

Planned, motivated and habitual hygiene behaviour: an eleven country review

12 Emo-Demo Modules that have been developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health and GAIN

Demo Rumpi Sehat: Asi Saja Cukup.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: ATIKA Sumber Zat Besi.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Cemilan Sembarangan.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Membayangkan Masa Depan.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Menyusun Balok.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Jadwal Makanan dan Anak.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Siap Berpergian.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Ditarik Ke Segala  Arah.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Porsi Makan Anak dan Bayi.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Ikatan Ibu dan Anak.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Harapan Ibu.
Demo Rumpi Sehat: Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun.

Join Emo-Demo Module Challenge

GAIN and the Indonesian Ministry of Health invite you to show your concrete action and creativity in improving the quality of feeding behaviour for infants and young children in Indonesia by joining the Emo-Demo Module Making Competition.  From this competition, it is expected that there will be several new Emo-Demo modules that can add information about infant and young children feeding (IYCF) practices for the mothers.

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